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March 9, 2023

Spring Wedding Inspiration

Springs marks a time for a fresh start – a new beginning. What better season to have a wedding than Spring? With beautiful weather and everything in bloom, Spring is one of our favorite seasons to play in. We’ve been part of many Spring events and wanted to share some tips and inspo for those of you planning a Spring wedding!

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An outdoor venue in Spring, whether it’s for the ceremony or reception, is a MUST! With trees and flowers in bloom, outdoor settings can even help you save on budget as the natural beauty will add a beautiful backdrop to any decor you add. Pastel palettes are the way to go and our florist friends recommend in-season blooms to keep things eco-friendly. You could line the aisle with flowers leading up to a flower covered arch where you’ll say “I do!” For your reception, you could go all out with a floral canopy to keep you and your guests cool while you’re celebrating, eating, drinking, and dancing!

Speaking of dance floors – we love an epic dance floor setup, especially when it’s decorated to entice your guests in on the action! Wrap the dance floor with flowers or highlight it with a custom design from an illustrator or lighting specialist (ask us about our Lighting service!). It adds a little twinkle to your toes!

Your dress code can contribute to the overall Spring feel as well. Ask guests to wear floral or pastel attire. You could go completely casual and comfy or a semi-formal style. Your photos will turn out amazing with everyone in sync.

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Last but certainly not least, incorporate your menu with the Spring season! Floral cocktails, light hors d’oeuvres, fresh fruit, and a seasonal menu are key to making your guests lap up the best of Spring. It’s always great to have variety and nothing too heavy so your guests are energized for the dance floor! Some of our favorite specialty cocktails are any kind of berry sparkler or something citrusy like a blood orange gin and tonic. Light hors d’oeuvres can include deviled eggs, herb pastry cups, and charcuterie. The main course can include Spring favorites like strawberry vinaigrette salads, light gazpacho soups, fresh fruit, and skewers. And the best part – dessert; envision a sweet berry cream cake, fresh doughnuts, or anything MINI like ice cream cones, mousse cups, and tarts. Everyone also looooves a candy bar station filled with sweets and treats that bring them back to childhood.

Now we’re hungry.

We also have a playlist we curated for Spring, which can play in the background at any event! Check it out and don’t forget to follow us for more playlists!

We hope this gives you the little push you need to Spring forward and embrace this beautiful season to celebrate love! Happy Planning.