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November 24, 2020

Wedding Feature: Caetyn + Joshua

We were so honored to play at Caetyn + Joshua’s gorgeous wedding reception and we are excited to share their journey as a couple: how they met, and how they managed to create an incredible final result filled with joy and love.

Tell us the story of how you two met.
We were set up by Caetyn’s sister-in-law and Joshua’s aunt. We lived across Texas at the time and talked on the phone every day for about a month before we went on our first date. We talked for hours and shut down the restaurant. We were both smitten! Four months later we were engaged, and a year after our first date, we married!

What made you decide that this was the right person to be with for the rest of your life?
Caetyn: Everything with Joshua was so easy. We just understood one another so well from the start. There was not one specific moment I knew he was the one. From the start, he was exactly my other half.
Joshua: We go together like lamb and tuna fish! (Caetyn understands.)

What do you enjoy most about each other’s company?
We always find something to talk about. Even during quarantine this year when we only spent time with one another, we found things to laugh about and things to talk deeply about. Our house is rarely quiet!

How was your experience with Royal Dukes Band?
Wonderful! They were so connected to our guests and even let Joshua’s friend get up on stage and sing “Friends in Low Places” for us – unplanned! It was such a special memory that they created. Royal Dukes Band performed all the music for our day from the ceremony to cocktail hour and the reception. It was very important to us to have a live band who could get our guests up and dancing all night long, and Royal Dukes Band delivered!

What was your favorite song you danced to at your wedding?
Our first song – “You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean. Joshua is a great two-stepper but Caetyn was a bit rusty. We practiced in our kitchen in the months leading up to our wedding. It was so special to begin our wedding celebration with a song that is so special to us. It felt like we were back in our kitchen enjoying the moment, though with all our favorite people there!

Share one special memory from your wedding with us.
Before the ceremony, our priest spoke with each of us individually to ask us questions. The purpose was to help us be present during such a busy day and, unknown to Joshua, to get some candid ideas for the sermon. One of the questions he asked was about realizing the other was “the one.” Caetyn, suspecting this was content for the ceremony, provided a sweet, traditional answer. Joshua, being his honest, silly self provided a movie line we’d recently had stuck in our heads, “We go together like lamb and tuna fish!” in Rob Schnieder’s silly accent from “Big Daddy.” Little did he know all our guests, and now the internet, would hear this answer! Our entire ceremony was so special and our favorite part of the day. Our priest, photographer, design team, venue, and Royal Dukes Band worked hard to make the most important moment of our lives authentic, beautiful, and fun.

Do you have any advice for couples as they plan for their wedding?
Be present as to the real purpose of your wedding in all your plans. Our purpose of the big celebration with all the elaborate details was to become one in marriage surrounded by our family and friends. Remembering the purpose helped us focus when things did not go as planned and helped us prioritize various aspects of our wedding.

Photography by Kate Panza Photography